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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Well it finally happened...

Whelp... it finally happened! I fell while running. At least it happened while running around the happiest place on earth? Throughout my run I was so excited to write this post because I learned that if you are running, no one stops you in the cast/staff only parking lots/areas (casting area, performing arts building, staff building, etc). I snapped a few pictures to show some of the cool areas...

People who work in the below Disney building, get to drive under the above ear arches on their way in!

How cool? I want to work there!

This is the back of that same building as seen from the nature/island trail they have for staff! (One side said nature trail, one side said island trail)

More nature/island trail!

Disney performing arts building...

I didn't get all the cool building/signs, but it was fun! Until I guess combination of rain and uneven sidewalk resulted in this...

Yes, as a matter of fact I am blaming the rain and sidewalk, not my clumsiness or my being super into Betty White's audiobook, because let's be real, I am super graceful!

Until this point, my run was going well. I was going super slow, but at 4.2 miles, 5 miles (goal) was totally in sight. Unfortunately I would have to walk the mile back. I stopped at a gas station to get water and see if I could grab some napkins to stop the blood from going down my legs. People looked at me like I had 10 heads. Oh well, judge away people, klutz coming through!

I got really lucky and as I was across the street from the hotel I got a call from them saying my room was ready. This meant I would not have to sit in the lobby or another public area all blood and dirt covered... right?!? Wroooong!

The very nice bellman grabbing my luggage from storage saw my injuries and asked if he could help. I politely said no thank you, I just need to get to my room to clean up. This did not stop him from calling security to let them know "a young lady fell and skidded her knees and needs help cleaning them up." Super! Now I sound like a child AND despite my room being ready and having my key in my hand, I was sitting in the hallway by check in waiting for security to come back with the first aid kit.

I am very grateful for the help (especially for the extra band aids and neosporin), but I am more grateful for the other staff member that just randomly walked up and said, "eh, my son is a runner too, once you get cleaned up, you'll be good to go." What? You think I am a runner? I love you!

Ok, so he probably overheard me tell the bellman or security person what happened, but I don't care, someone thought I looked like a runner... woohoo! Winning. 

Also winning- I sent the hubs and the bestie the above pic stitch of my injuries and one of them quoted Kelly Clarkson, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" with music notes and all. I will let you guess which one that was.

The hubs also said, all runners fall at some point. True? False? Anyone have good falling stories?

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  1. Can't say I've ever fallen while running. I pretty much limit my falls to biking, which happens more or less every time I ride. Battle scars make you look cool regardless!