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Monday, October 29, 2012

Training weeks 3 and 4 (part 1)

Ok, I promise I will get better at weekly updates, but for now here is week 3 and 4...

Week 4 was drastically different than week 3, in a good way, so yay! I didn't hate every run in week 4! Woohoo!

Week 3:

Monday 10/15: Was supposed to be Strength and Stretch... remember how Mike and I promised we would do this together? Yep, didn't happen. Oops

Tuesday 10/16: 3.51 Run 42:40, average 12'09"mile, fastest mile (mile 1) 11'30". I did this run in a near by community. I had picked up a coworker from this neighborhood once so I knew it was a decent length. What I had not noticed was that it is lots of hills!! Oy, will not choose to run there again soon.

Wednesday 10/17: This was the day of my fall in the happiest place on earth... grr. FYI- I still hurt. Yesterday at church Mike and our friend Dan discussed how I would play softball with the team in the summer, I had to remind them that I fell while RUNNING, so if we add a bat and ball I am most certainly ending up in the ER... anyway, the run- I fell at 4.20 miles, so until that point- 1:00:17, average mile 14'20", fastest mile (mile 1) 12'27". Needless to say, this run was VERY slow. I was taking in the sights and listening to Betty White's audiobook, so I was a little distracted (are we surprised I an uneven sideway jump out at me?!). Also, for the first 3 miles I wanted to die quit. I did a lot of walking/running intervals, but if it weren't for the sights and book, I probably would have stopped. Oh, also it took me 20:29 to walk the 1.06 miles back to the hotel from my fall. This included my stop at the gas station to try to clean up/get water, so I guess not too bad.

Thursday 10/18: Supposed to be a 2 mile run and strengthen, but I still hurt so I opted to rest

Friday 10/19: Supposed to be 40 minute cross training. I would like to say I opted to rest because I still hurt, this is kind of true. My knees did still hurt. buuuuut I also stayed out with other conference attendees until 2:30AM and had to be down at breakfast/ready to check out at 8:00AM. My official story is my knees still hurt.

Saturday 10/20: This was supposed to be a rest day (UMD Homecoming- woohoo!), but I obviously had running to make up AND (most importantly), Sara and her husband stayed over and we decided to run together. I did 3.12 miles in 40:26, averaging 12'56"/mile, fastest mile (mile 1) 11'20". I can't believe Sara actually ran this slowly with me,  but she's awesome a did! She implemented 2 rules: 1. No walking, "you can run as slow as you want, but no walking" and 2. Sprint the last .1 mile. I broke both of these rules...oops... Sara, I totally walked during some of your sprints :). Also, since Sara had done a few sprints, she didn't know when I was .1 away from 3 miles, so I only sprinted .02 miles... until she came back and realized I was now walking and made me sprint to the car. Running with friends is fun...even though I felt like death during it (showed in my time as well).

Sunday 10/21: Race for the Cure in Hunt Valley. Fun story- Mike and I paid an extra $5 to run the timed race, but we still can't figure out where to find our times haha. There was no tent or setup there, and we cannot find them online. Glad I used my Nike+ app. 3.26 miles at 36:29. Average mile 11'09", fastest mile (mile 1) 10'48". I did not feel great during this run. As previously mentioned, the day before way Maryland's homecoming. There was lots of beer and unhealthy food consumed, so even though we were in bed by 9:30 the night before, my body was piiiiiissed. That being said, I am very happy with how I did. This is the first 5K race I have done that I actually ran the whole thing! Super happy with that. I knew going into this that the race path had a lot of hills (started and ended on uphills... thanks), so I knew I was going to want to walk. By the time I had finally gotten to the point where I decided to walk up the next hill (around mile 2), I saw in front of me a man with TWO prosthetic legs. Any guess as to what he was doing up the hills?! Oh yeah, he was running. What freakin' excuse did I have to walk up them if he was running up them? None. So I didn't, I kept running. Thank you random man for unknowingly motivating me to keep running!!

Ok... this was going to be weeks 3 and 4, but I need to get in the shower before we lose power (thanks Sandy). I will posted week 4 when I get out if we still have power!!

Any stories of what sights have motivated you during a run?


  1. can't wait to hear about week 4 and running 5 miles and it going better!

    it was super fun running with you. we'll do it again and i'll keep a closer eye so you don't cheat!

    1. Posted! Thanks, it was fun running with you!! I look forward to doing it again. Maybe by then I'll be faster than a snail.