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Sunday, October 14, 2012

End of training week 2

So... I am continuing training, but have been slacking like crazy! Week 1 I skipped cross training (although I am tempted to call the 2 hours of running around a pumpkin patch with kids cross training) and week two I skipped everything except the runs. Gotta lock it up and get my ish together going into week three.

Thursday 10/4 (also known as the time Monica and I almost got killed by the anaconda): 3.65 miles 51:05, fastest mile (mile 1) 12'05", average mile 13'58". We walked the last .65 mile as a cool down, so  to break that down further, we finished 3 miles at 38:36.

Saturday 10/6: 4.05 miles 55:35, fastest mile (mile 1) 11'29", average mile 13'41". I am still getting a hang of mapping out runs and this run made me realize that I need to actually check out the planned route in person rather than just on line for a very important reason- sidewalks! Unfortunately we walked most of mile three because two of the roads not only didn't have sidewalks, but also didn't have shoulders so we were balancing on curbs and what not... oops. Glad it was day light!

Tuesday 10/9:  3.11 miles 38:04, fastest mile (mile 1) 10'40", average mile 12'14". Apparently during my run it was cloudy and 59° (thank you Nike+ app). Before the run I felt as though cold gear pants and my jacket were necessary. By half a mile I realized the jacket was a terrible mistake and it just bothered me around my waist the rest of my run! Experienced runners-  do you have a temperature at which you decided to bundle up or do you just play it by ear?

Wednesday 10/10: 2 miles 24:35, fastest mile (mile 1) 12'13", average mile 12'14". I tried to trick my body by starting my route where I knew there was a long decline... I reaaaally didn't want to run and I am well aware that if you are starting and ending at the same place, what goes down must come up, BUT I thought if I could start off well, my mind/body would be tricked into a good overall run. Wrong again (eventually I'll start making right decisions in regards to this running thing??! maybe?!). This path resulted in a decent incline right as the wind picked up in the opposite direction I was running. All I could think was "cheaters never win and winners never cheat"... boo!

Friday 10/12: 3.11 miles 34:48, fastest mile (mile 1) 10'35", average mile 11'10". 34 seconds slower than my fastest 5K (according to Nike+, but as discussed before, I disagree with that, so basically my fastest 5K-yay!). Also,  Mike and I stopped to stretch near the beginning and I forgot to pause the app, so if I had I probably would have beat the Nike+ record too. 
I attribute my speed to two things, 1- I felt good in the beginning so I decided to try to keep up with Mike (will I ever learn?!), but that only lasted for a little over 1/2 a mile, so that lead to reason 2- I suddenly became very paranoid and worried about the safety of where we were running. I became very convinced that one of us was going to get shot. While that area can attract some crime, I was DEFINITELY being over dramatic.  Until I let go of that irrational fear, I don't think I will be running after 9PM in that area anymore. And yes, only the cool people run at 9PM on a Friday night!

Sunday 10/14: 4 miles 52:01, fastest mile (mile 1) 12'12", average mile 12'58". I am SO grateful Monica ran with me. There is no doubt in my mind that if I was by myself I would have stopped running at 3/4 of a mile and only gone 2 miles. We ran around Lake Elkhorn in Columbia which is about  a 2 mile loop and my body just refused to get in the zone and just wanted to keep quitting. We did a lot of running/walking intervals, but I am so happy we did the full 4 miles and we did it faster than last week. Woohoo!  Thanks Mon! (Side note- there was a woman running much faster than us pushing a double stroller and all that did was make me feel pathetic!)

Ok, so goal this week- actually do everything in the training plan!!! Mike and I have committed to doing Monday's strengthen and stretch together, so that should be good. I have been wanting to bike as my cross training, but my gym is open at such terrible hours on the weekends that it hasn't happened. Due to travel, homecoming, and Race for the Cure, I have to modify the days I am doing each activity this week. Cross training will fall on Friday while I am in Orlando, so I should be able to bike or do the elliptical at the hotel gym! No excuses this week. My modified week will look like this:

Monday- Stretch and Strengthen
Tuesday- 3.5 mile run
Wednesday- 5 mile run (In Orlando!!)
Thursday- 2 mile run and strengthen (In Orlando!!)
Friday- 40 minute cross (In Orlando!!)
Saturday- Rest
Sunday- 5K (Race for the Cure)

This entry is way too long already, but I just have to say that I am so proud of everyone who did the Baltimore half/full marathons yesterday! It was very inspiring seeing all of your posts and pictures and I look forward to joining you next year (who's in for the double with me?!?!)... if I can get past this whole hating running thing!

I think I should start handing out medals to anyone who makes it through my novel long posts!

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  1. haha you do write long posts but that's okay, it's good to get all your thoughts down about your runs, and i think journaling is reinforcing!
    as for weather - this website is helpful but i basically stay in shorts/a t shirt until it's below 60, and i add gloves before long sleeves or pants since my fingers get chilly!
    we should run together this weekend :)