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Friday, October 5, 2012

Two quick notes...

I wasn’t going to write again until Sunday, but I had to share two things:
1.       When I started running again I read this blog post about running for haters. Anyone who hates running as much as I do should read it! While I like many of her tips, I thought about two during last night’s run.
a.       Number 3- Caffeinate. I had a cup of coffee about an hour before we ran and I think that helped keep my energy up.
b.      Number 8- Don’t quit before you are in the zone (or getting in your stride). She says you may reach it at the 2-mile mark the 15 minute mark, whatever. “For most people this happens between 10-20 minutes of running.” The writer says it happens for her at 20 minutes, noting that minutes 10-20 are the worst. I noticed that this is very similar to me. I start off fine and then starting at about 8 minutes until about 23 I feel like I may never make it. Around 23-25 minutes I start feeling better and less like I am going to die!
2.       While running last night Monica and I ran into a little friend… he looked like this:

Okay, so he he was on the sidewalk and I have NO idea if this is the same type of snake, but he was black and long and coiled up looking ready to pounce!
We were not so happy. We screamed and ran very quickly away from it. I’m not going to post numbers from last night’s run until Sunday, but I will say there is a spike where we were going 9’30” and I am going to guess that that was around the time we ran into our lovely friend. Monica suggested I take a picture for my blog, but let’s be real, there was ZERO chance of me going back to that guy, so you get a Google image instead. Mike says we were in no danger and it was probably too cold for him to actually pounce… even if I had known that at the time, I would not have gone back!
I have enjoyed comments so far about when you started to like running, keep them coming. :)


  1. i like that post with some caveats
    -caffeine can boost your energy/speed but coffee can *ahem* lead to things you don't want during your run, so plan for that (i have to delay coffee intake and running at LEAST one hour, if not more).
    -stretching before running is not always a good idea, because research shows stretching before when your muscles are 'cold' can lead to injury, etc. so be careful with that (i like to stretch after i warm up, or do jumping jacks or something) - but stretching/foam rolling after is a good idea

    1. haha yeah, for sure on the coffee thing! I thought about that which is why I left about an hour of room before having to leave!! Mike and I had that same convo about stretching when I got home!