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Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm baaaaaack

It has obviously been a while since I’ve written a post. This is mostly because there has not been a lot to write about. “But Sabrina, you started this blog to write about your running and you have four half marathons and a 10 miler on the calendar for this year, so you must have lots of training to write about,” is probably what you are thinking. And you would be right, I have a lot of training to write about so totally wrong, I have been the biggest slacker ever. As you know, I have a tendency to ramble and write long posts, so I’m going to keep this simple. This is what I have been up to since my last post:

Thanksgiving Day:

Ran a 10K in Miami (hello PR nice to meet you)

I was super inspired and excited to reach the half marathon distance. Then I came back to Maryland (hello craptastic cold weather)… then before I knew it Christmas came and I had only ran maybe ten times between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  No worries though, the hubs and I were leaving for our honeymoon two days after Christmas and since we were going to be in sunny warm weather, I would run every day. Ok, cool, plan set.

The honeymoon was amazing. Puerto Rico and Miami were both BEAUTIFUL. The weather was perfect the whole time. How could you NOT run in this weather?!?!  Quite easily actually.  We ate, relaxed, drank, ate more, relaxed more, threw in some hiking, kayaking, and walking. Oh yeah, and I ran… once… for a mile… on a treadmill. How awesome am I?!

Fast forward to February 16th :

Ran my first half marathon.

It snowed, rained, sleeted, and hailed the entire time. I was freezing and wet. Since my training had been going so well I did awesome I ran only a handful of times within the month (I only needed my long runs, right?!!?), I wanted to die. Ok, maybe not die, but I was certainly not a happy camper. I finished though… yay!

Even though it was rough, I was glad I did it. It really inspired me to get back on a real training schedule. This time was different. I was going to get back into it or die trying. I even felt good enough to run that Wednesday and was so happy I wasn’t sore and was ready to start.  

Whelp then I didn’t.  I have run three times since then.  To make it even worse, my working out in general has sucked since the half. My friend Katie and I have a “challenge” set up regarding working out. It involves having to pay the other person if we don’t work out a certain amount of times a week. Well most weeks the money is enough motivation to work out. Unfortunately sometimes it has not and I’ve had to pay her- Katie, by the way has never once had to pay me. This is reason a zillion Katie is a better person than I am…anyway I digress. Where was I going? Oh right, work outs sucking. One rule we set when we first started the challenge- each work out had to be a half hour, so each of mine have been… but they have been some of the saddest half hours of working out ever seen.  Seriously pathetic. Many of them have included me yelling at the DVD instructor and then only half ass doing the move. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE MY WEIGHTS AND BANDS ARE!

But then this happened:

Actually no. I was going to try to find a picture of me now because I have put back on way too many of the pounds I worked so hard to lose, but I don’t feel like it. I’m going to save the little of what is left of my dignity. Go on Facebook or Instagram and see my sad sad downfall. .. or just look at the above picture from the half in February.

The above are really hard for me to admit about how my training and general “healthy living” is going.  But I hit a low point last night and realized I needed to make a change. I thought about when the last time I was really motivated and sticking to my training (before Thanksgiving,ouch) and tried to think about the differences.  Well, I was blogging. I was telling the world (or Elana who may be my lone reader- hi Elana!) what my training plans were and then reporting on how I did. Blogging kept me accountable. Since apparently I am five and only have self-control to save face, I decided I needed to start blogging again.  

So there you have it, recap of the last few months and my plans to start blogging (oh yeah and training) again.  I have had such good intentions and great plans and have failed so hard, but hopefully this will help.  I’ll start posting my weekly plans sometime this weekend. Since my training has been so sporadic, but I have two long races in April, I need to figure it out still. I’ll keep you updated. J

How about you, ever fall into a workout slump you felt like you couldn't get out of? What did you do to get back on track?


  1. You can do this. You freaking ran 13.1 miles through weather that I hate walking to and from my car in. Believe in yourself because I, along with everyone else who knows you, believes you can do this. Start with small baby steps. Try to make one of your workouts not suck and then work to making two of them not suck and so on. You've seen my weight loss journey and you know it's had its ups and downs. That's what life in general is about. You hit a rough patch and now you're ready to come back out of it. I'm so proud of you and I'll know you'll get back in your stride.

  2. I am SO glad that you posted again! I love reading this! You can totally get back into it. I know you can. Like Katie said, you've ran 13.1 miles and if you did it once you can get there again. It won't be easy but you can do it! It's ok to fall off the path. I still love you! GO SABS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!