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Monday, November 12, 2012

Training week 6...

This week of training was definitely what I needed to bounce back from my miserable attempt at last week.

Monday 11/5: Strength and stretch- nothing special, just the same old

Tuesday 11/6: 4.51 miles in 48:41. Pretty even splits, 10’27”,10’50”, 11’, 10’58”… pretty stoke that none of them were over 11 minutes! This was the day I learned to run. I had said before that I caught myself going too slow for no good reason (lungs were fine, legs were fine), and that day I decided to actually do something about it for the whole run. You know what I discovered?That I wouldn't die! Crazy right? Totally thought that pushing myself harder than I was would result in my lungs exploding or legs dying, but guess what…neither happened. Who knew?!? (Yes, Sara, Mike, and anyone else who told me so before, I know you knew… just had to get there on my own)

You know what the craziest part is? My legs feel better running faster and my lungs may take a little longer to get used to it at the beginning of each run, but they did get used to it! I never thought that would happen. I was very surprised when I realized half a mile in that my lungs did not feel like they were going to explode anymore. Craaaaaazy.

Wednesday 11/7: For the first time I decided to go with the cross training option instead of the short run. I decided to do a Firm Cardio and Burn video to get both cardio and strength in. I have to say I did NOT enjoy it. I have liked my experiences with the Firm videos in the past. I did the Firm Express videos for a while before the wedding and I liked those. This time however, no thank you. I really did not like it. I may be just this specific video, so I will eventually give the express videos another try, but I don’t see myself doing this one again. At least I got some cardio and strength in for the day!

Thursday 11/8: Attempt number two at 4.5 miles. I was convinced that I was going to go back to my 13 minute/mile speed and that Tuesday was a fluke. Guess what!?! It wasn't  woohoo! 4.5 miles in 49:06. A little slower than Tuesday, but not a ton! My splits were a little less consistent as well (10’04”, 10’41”, 11’30”, and 11’12”), but still pretty proud of myself!To finish a second 4.5 mile run at an under 11 minute pace made me quite happy.

Friday 11/9: Rest- FYI- my husband is the best and planned an awesome date night! Dinner and two drive in movies! So much fun and we also discovered the BEST sandwich in the world:

It is Townhouse Kitchen and Bar in Fells Point’s sandwich called the “Footlong Grilled Cheese.” It has cheddar, farmer’s cheese, pepper jack, candied applewood bacon, chipotle spread, and two fried eggs on a baguette.OH EM GEE, heaven on a plate. It is sweet and spice and I could eat it every meal. This has nothing to do with my training, but I needed to share!

Saturday 11/10: Rest/chasing around kids for four hours! J

Sunday 11/11: Long run day… this was the first time in a few weeks that I had done my long run on the day I was supposed to. Since I had previously moved it to earlier in the week due to scheduling or just deciding mid run to turn a short run into a long run, I had more time to dread it this week. Katie, Mike, Elana, and anyone else I complained to about it- sorry, but thanks for the encouragement and faith that I could do it. Katie asked a good question- I will obviously have time to dread a new long distance before my first half, will I dread that as much? I don’t know the answer to that, but I hope it is no! Anyway, 7 miles- 1:22:40 (average 11’48”/mile). My slowest mile (mile 3) was 12’45” and fastest (mile 7) was 10’59”. My splits hovered between 11 and 12 minutes, with none of them exceeding 13 minutes. I was happy about this to say the least! These were definitely going through my mind near the end:


I wanted to walk so many times, but didn’t! Woohoo!

However, I have NO idea how I am going to add another mile to that…ack. I stopped immediately after my app announced I met my goal… not one more step.

Anyone have insight into getting to these longer distances? How did you know you could make it to the next distance?

Update: Anyone have ice bath advice? I think I am going to attempt it next weekend...

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