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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back in the saddle again...

Four straight days of (legit) working out under the belt! Woohoo! (baby steps)

My plan for this weekend was a long run one day and strength another, preferably in that order. I volunteered at the B&A Marathon Saturday morning and got done a little later than expected. Given my evening plans, my choices were run and not watch the Maryland game or do strength after the Maryland game... Obviously I chose watch the Maryland game! I did my strength with heavier weights than intended because I didn't have the time (read: desire) to continue my search for my missing weights. (I am obviously taking small steps in the not be lazy bum category)

Saturday night and Sunday I ate lots of yummy food thanks to Monica's Pinterest adventures and my mother in law's St Patrick's Day cuisine. Unfortunately none of this food was good fuel and most of it being bad for me or bad on my tummy. This led to my long run Sunday being cut a bit short due to some puking. Eh, win some, lose some- learned a valuable lesson about proper nutrition.

Yesterday I went to a kickboxing class (thanks Groupon). It was good and kicked my butt and made me sore, but I needed those things! The only downside was every girl in there looked like this:

It was a little intimidating to say the least!

After kickboxing I went and finally got new running shoes!!! (I went for new shoes in November and had to return them because they made my toesies numb aaaaand now just went back) The sales lady was like the 10th person to tell me my current shoes were too small and I would probably lose a toenail and blah blah blah. Yes these people were probably right, but I loved them and never had any problems. Aren't they always telling runners to listen to your body? Well my body loved those damn shoes...but I'm over it because my new shoes are fantastical:

Aren't they beautiful?!?! I love them and they make my heart happy. PS they are actually the only reason I ran today. Yup, I'm awesome!

Anyway... I did say I would post my plans so we can see how closely I stick to them, so it here it goes for the rest of the week:

Wednesday: cross training (goal-P90X plyometrics)

Thursday: run 3-4 miles (goal- run and strength)

Friday: rest

Saturday: run 7-8 miles

Sunday: cross training/rest (goal- get the bike out!)

There it is! Let's see how it goes.

How about everyone else- any fun runs/workouts planned?

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