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Friday, November 9, 2012

Training week 5 AND Sara's half!

This week was NOT an ideal training week to say the least. I could blame Sandy on a poor start to the week, but that would be lame because 1. I was only affected in the "it kept me stuck in my house way", not the real devastation way that the people who were really hit experienced (are still experiencing) and 2. Let’s be real, the main reason is I’m lazy… Quick recap, but then more about the exciting part of the week- getting to see Sara run her second half marathon!!


Monday 10/29: Strength and Stretch with Mike before Sandy really hit! We got up super early and turned on storm coverage, so I figured we should take advantage of that (oh and that we weren't going to work/school). At one point Mike referred to me as Monica…I told him that given that I have a husband and job he couldn't get me down like Chandler did Monica… if you don’t get what I’m saying… watch some Friends, it will do you good!
(This is not actually from the scene I am referring to, but still appropriate)

Tuesday 10/30: Sandy still had some lingering effects, so no running outside and my gym was closed… and I’m lazy... next…

Wednesday 10/31: 6.43 miles at 1:24:18, fastest mile (mile 1) 12’02”, average mile 13’06”. I started this run with the intention of it being my 4 mile run. Then around mile 3 I realized I had been going slower than necessary, so I decided to make it my 6 mile run… then I decided to turn it into a 10k… then I forgot my app wouldn't alert me when I reached a 10k since my goal was 4 miles… so I ran a little more. Put some sprints in there, overall happy with it. Longest I've ever run, so yay! J

Thursday 11/1: Totally had the intention of running… then it was cold and started to drizzle… and I’m lazy…moving on…

Friday 11/2: 1.01 mile at 10’47”. Goal of run- 4 miles… goal of evening- make it to Happy Hour with Katie and Leah on time… any surprise which goal won out?!

Saturday 11/3: More lazy/driving to NC

Sunday 11/4: GOT TO SEE SARA RUN HER SECOND HALF MARATHON! Thursday Monica and I decided we were going to drive down to NC to surprise Sara during her half marathon. I so rarely have weekends free to do something like that, so I was super stoked. We drove down Saturday, got to have dinner with Chris, an old friend in Raleigh, and then wake up Sunday to see Sara! Parking was busier than I thought it would be, so we missed Sara at the start, but got to see her at the first half mile and then five more times throughout the race! I don't have a picture of her face filled with confusion when she saw us, but it was great!

Sara's husband is like pro spectator. He knew exactly where we needed to be when and how to get there. There was no thinking involved on my part, so that was awesome! Also, fun side note: Sara's husband is super tall, like SUPER tall (6'10" or 11" I think?!?)... anyway, all the walking with him made me realize my leisurely walking pace is that of a giant... cool.

Now to sum up the race in pictures:

Look how happy they look!

Isn't she pretty?!?!

Freezing, but finished!

Yes, the GLittles obviously made the signs- they would have been a lot nicer at Little made them!

In summary, as a training week- it sucked, BUT the weekend made it an awesome week in general. Getting to catch up with an old friend and a road trip with a sister to surprise a sister- awesome!

Luckily, I have bounced back from the lousy training week and have had a good week so far (long run still pending)... anyone have some good tips regarding how you bounce back from a bad training week (day, month, etc)?

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