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Friday, September 14, 2012

Second run post neck pain...woohoo

Summary of yesterday’s run:
2.4 miles in 30:58… Mile 1 (12:47) walked for 30 seconds (wicked cramp), then ran until Mile 2 (reached at 25:02), then walked the rest of the way. I ran the same area as Tuesday, but made the loop over a mile rather then 8/10ths of one.
Not terrible for my second run in almost 4 months. I set out with the goal of running two miles then walking one. I came close to the first part of the goal, made it only half way to the second part of it. Good news is the choice to only walk 4/10ths of a mile rather than one mile was due to the new presence in the park, not how I was feeling. By my second loop I had run into so many smokers I did not want to make another full loop, so I cut through a different path and cut my walk short.
These were the two things that really got me about all the smokers: 1. SO many of them were there for their children’s sport practices. Great example! Also, how do you expect a productive soccer practice while 10 parents are smoking around the field? 2. One of the smokers I passed in my second loop was a runner I passed in the first one. Seriously dude?!? You were running less than 15 minutes ago and you think it’s a good time for a cigarette?!?! What is wrong with people?
I probably shouldn’t be so judgmental of the runner smoker considering Mike and I had pizza last night, buuuuut I’m going to rank my poor food decision a little higher than his smoking immediately after running. The pizza had tomato sauce and pineapples on it; that makes it healthy, right?!
I am extremely grateful that my running pains are of the manageable/fixable variety. I never thought I would call lung and leg pain manageable, haha, but I know I can train to improve that. The neck pain I was worried would never go away.
In related good news, I told the chiropractor this morning that for better or worse I started running again. I expected a lecture like others had given me, but no! I got a high five. YAY! He confirmed that it wasn’t resulting in more pain, and then another high five. Woohoo! Doctor’s approval J  
Tomorrow is the Savage 5K that my church is hosting. I will be doing it with the bestie and she has decided she wants to try to stick with what her couch to 5K plan for that day would be which includes 22 minutes of consecutive running. Given my results yesterday, I don’t know that I will be able to do that, but we’ll see. I’ll try. I look forward to my first real 5K since April. J

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