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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Savage 5K

This morning bestie and I ran the Savage 5K our church hosted. We walked the first 5 minutes and jogged the rest of the way and finished the 5K in 47:07. That means I jogged for 42 minutes, not too shabby. FYI- the hills were NOT nice!

By the time we finished it was still pretty cold feeling so we left right away. One the way home I was feeling pretty good. The banana I had on my way there was not holding me over, but I kind of wanted to run a little more (what?!). I stopped at CVS, got a Cliff bar and headed to the park I have been running at. 

I had delusions of grandeur and set my goal to just run a mile, but make it a PR (9:59)...whelp that did NOT happen. Half way through I thought I wasn't going to make it the mile. haha. Why couldn't I just be happy with the fact that I jogged for over 40 minutes?! Anyway, I stuck with it and finished it in 12:53. Aaaat least I finished it.

The thing I like about morning runs is that by the time everyone else is up, I've already worked out. Win!

PS- Bestie and I are going shooting today! Yes, we are going to shoot guns! Wahoo. Watch out!


  1. great job seeeester! remember - don't push too hard too fast - that's how people get hurt :) just relish the victory of running that many minutes and worry about the speed later!!!!

  2. Thanks sis! I know... Just wanted to run a little more, but also wanted to get home haha :)