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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Decision to start blogging...

I decided to start a blog (obviously)... actually I decided to start a blog a few months ago, but didn't know what I wanted to blog about. Should I write about my cooking adventures (read: most creative ways to injure one's self in the kitchen), my pinterest projects (read: my attempt at recreating other people's awesome ideas), running (read: trying to make myself like running), or 4 million other things I thought about. The only two things I was sure about were, 1. Given my new last name, the blog name was easy and 2. I was not going to write about politics; I won't touch that with a 100ft pole.

So, I have obviously decided to start writing, but about what?! Well, after my run today and my terrible experience after, I decided running it is (for now)! My thought is, if I start documenting my runs/workouts, maybe I will push myself harder...maybe?!?! We'll see... let's start with my run today.

Backstory: I hate running... always have, thought I always would. I used to be a swimmer, and I was great at avoiding the cross training of running. And I mean, I was GREAT, practically a pro. I would avoid the running portion of practice like it was the freakin' plague. "I have to pee," "Ow my toes hurt," "Uh, I have to go check on some lifeguard related thing," and of course my go to, "my asthma is acting up." Let's forget the following: I could go pee and then catch up to the team, really?! my toes?!!?, the pool didn't open for another 3 hours, and (the kicker) I hadn't had an asthma attack since I was 10 and I was miraculously fine 20 minutes later to swim. Needless to say, running was never my forte. The most frustrating part is that I come from a family of runners (dad went to college the first time on a running scholarship and mom ran 1/2 marathons pushing me in a stroller). Ug, why do did I hate it so much!?!?

Cut to many many years later (last year), I was no longer swimming or doing much working out, alcohol was introduced into my diet, I was getting older (stupid slowing metabolism), and the biggest culprit- I was in a steady happy relationship (engaged to be exact). My (now) husband and I had fallen into that terrible (for your health) comfortable zone where you would rather just sit with your loved one and eat yummy food, have yummy drinks, and not work out.  However, with the wedding coming up, having gone up four pants sizes and 40 pounds since college, and my general unhappiness with how I looked I decided it was time for a change.

Mike and I did well, started eating better and exercising pretty regularly. We even started a competition that included our neighbors to see who stuck with working out longer (boys vs. girls style). Well, everyone was was losing weight but me, AND they all could eat more than me according to the "Loseit" app... not. cool. I decided I needed to increase my cardio, but unfortunately I get bored on the elliptical and it was tough to fit going to the fun classes at the gym into my schedule. My mom (and others) kept telling me exactly what I didn't want to hear- "start running"...

To breeze over my few months of my running, I started and hated and stopped. I picked it up again a month or so later and started to get the hang of it. Eventually was able to run around 4 miles. To be perfectly truthful, I guess I should state that so far in my "running" adventures, what I actually do it considered jogging, and that may be pushing it. I can actually walk faster (yes, sad), but at least it resembled running. Whatever, I was happy that I could "run" 4 miles period, even if it was only at a 11-13 minute mile pace. Best part was, I was actually beginning not to hate running. I was starting to enjoy it. (WHAT?!?!) Best of all, I was down 25-30 pounds and a few pants sizes.

Then three weeks before the wedding (May 21) bam (literally, bam), a lady ran a red light and hit my car. 12 hours later begins neck and back pain. Long story short, since then, I have not been able to run. I attempted a run in July, made it a mile and wanted to curl into a ball and sob because of the pain. Running was obviously not happening any time soon.  Back to the elliptical, walking, and general frustration.

That brings us to current time, about a week ago, the pain fiiiiinally started to go away. Not completely, but enough that I could consider running part of the Color Run this past Sunday (I will post pictures soon). I didn't run much of it (4 or 5 little stretches), and I did take a flexeril before, buuuut relatively no pain. Now, by deciding to start running again today, I may not have made the smartest choice, but I am fed up with being out of shape (I have gained TEN pounds since the wedding and lost all muscle tone). So, today I ran (again, we are going with my definition of running)! Summary from today's run:

We ran at the local park, which the loop around is about 8/10ths of a mile and has a few small hills. I told Mike form the beginning that I did not plan to try to keep up with him because I never can and I don't want to kill myself.

Good points of the run: I made it a little over a mile at a 12 minute pace without walking and we went a total of a mile and a half.

Bad points of the run: 10 minutes into stretching afterwards I thought I was going to throw up and this feeling stuck for the next hour to hour and a half. It took me 20 minutes to finish my smoothie and a lot of inner dialog to convince myself to keep it down.

Now, before the accident there were plenty of times I felt crappy immediately after a run, but not for this long. Why this time? Well, I have nailed the culprit. Intervals.

I run at a snails pace, I am ok with this for now. It is the only way I can keep going. For someone who swam for as long as I did, I have unbelievably bad cardio strength. I KNOW that interval training is a great way to build cardio and to burn more fat and blah blah blah. However, I have not made it to the point yet where I can implement interval training in running. Yes, all of you strong runners will tell me I am thinking backwards, if I do interval training, I will be able to run longer... still not there yet. Eventually I will be.

So why did I attempt intervals when I know I suuuuck at them? Simple answer, the husband. This is why I don't run with him. LOVE him, but he is just in way better shape than me.

Let's see how it goes from here! Blog world, hopefully I will keep you updated (with much SHORTER posts).

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